Customized Solutions

Through individualized consulting projects we work with you to create customized solutions to meet your research and marketing needs. Contact us for more information.

Our areas of expertise include:

Strategic Research Services (SRS)

The financial-services industry currently confronts at least seven major inflection points. Learn more about how CFD's Strategic Research Service (SRS) can leverage more than 30 years of knowledge, experience, insight, and data to help you answer your most challenging strategic questions.

Strategic Planning

  • Consult with all types of financial institutions to size markets, identify strengths and weaknesses, and develop opportunities
  • Provide crucial data input for client projects using Strategic Business Insights' (SBI's) proprietary Scenario-Planning and Opportunity-Discovery strategic-planning tools

Market Segmentation

  • Partner with clients to develop effective custom segmentations
  • Provide clients access to CFD's proprietary Life Stage, Age Cohort, and Socioeconomic Level segmentation systems, including our new Life Stage segments Child Free, Revolving Retired, Traditional Retired, and Post Retired

Data Linkages

  • Provide linkage of MacroMonitor data with SBI's VALS™ consumer psychographic segmentation system to provide clients with the why of consumer behavior in the financial marketplace
  • Provide linkage of MacroMonitor data to segmentation and scoring systems such as PrizmNE, P$YCLE, Cohorts, IXI's Inve$tyles and Wealth Complete, IAP's Empirics, and FICO
  • Offer an established process for appending selective variables to MacroMonitor data through TransUnion, Equifax, Experian, and Acxiom

Custom Oversamples

  • Field the MacroMonitor survey to a random or customized sample of your customers

Ad Hoc Services

  • Data consulting
  • Custom analysis and reports
  • Training and workshops
  • Custom presentations